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Laffin’ Boi productions are returning with yet another one of the ADULTS ONLY Panto’s. The return comes after last years SELL OUT performance of their version of 'Snow White' and previous productions including:
Cinderella & the Two Ugly Sl#gs
Dick And his Cat
Most Deffo Not Disneys Aladdin.
and Jack and his Long Thick Stalk

This time they are back, with their crudest, rudest and funniest pantomime to date, as they present their own unique twist and completey ruin the reputation of another tale.

'Sleeping with Beauty'

Tickets on sale NOW!!!

Written and directed by Karl Ridsdale, Laffin’ Boi Productions tells the story of Sleeping Beauty only the way it can. Filled with rage the Evil Fairy Fanny Fart, vows to get her revenge on the King and Queen who banished her to live in the woods. She cooks up a wicked plot to kill their daughter Princess Beauty on her 21st birthday!

Will the Good Fairy Fanny Flutter, with the help of Dame Dotty Cumdump and her stupid son Fiddles, be able to save the day? Will true love conquer all?

So come join us as we bring you a show full of laughter, music, dance and a lot of profanity!

This show is suitable for over 18’s only, it’s contains sexual references, bad language, adult humour and is definitely not for the easily offended, Karen’s or snowflakes!

Tickets on sale NOW!!!