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***Snow White Auditions*** Sunday 6th August and Sunday 3rd September at Dearne Playhouse Theatre 10am - 2pm.

The performance dates are Sat 20 Jan - Sat 27 Jan ( all days excluding Monday 22nd). The first Saturday and Sunday are afternoons only, the final Saturday will be afternoon and evening performances.
Sample scripts will be provided on the day however if you want to be considered for a principal role please bring along a song you are prepared to sing as part of the audition.
Solo singing roles marked with **

Roles available are as follows:
Fairy Goodheart (male/female) **
Wonder wings (senior fairy male/fEmale)
Queen Caligula ( wicked stepmother. Will consider male/female). **
Black Wing ( the queen's right hand man)**
Speak True ( the mirror)
Snow White ( principal girl)**
Dolly Dumpling ( The Dame)**
Danny Dumpling ( Dolly's son, the loveable fool)**
Prince Frederick ( Principal Boy)**
Bogwort - huntsman (male/female)
Stinkwort - as above

The Seven Dwarfs - can be adults/juniors

Rehearsal dates are to be decided but will be a minimum of one day per week from September. Not all cast will be required for every rehearsal however this year I will be introducing a 3 strike rule. Anyone who fails to attend when needed 3 consecutive rehearsals will be replaced.