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If interested in any of the following roles please contact us at to secure your audition slot. Please note that rehearsals will take place on Wednesday evenings from 6pm - 9pm as of 22.08.18. If you are unavailable for any rehearsal dates between 22.08.18 and opening night on 20.12.18 please let me know in your initial email.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Many thanks

Joe Hodgkinson

* = Singing role

Gerda - Female, Age 16 - 25 *

Gerda is the hero of the show. When her best friend Kai is kidnapped by the Snow Queen she set's off on a daring journey to save him.

Kai - Male or Female, Age 16 - 25 *

Kai is the show's heroine. He is kidnapped by the Snow Queen when a piece of her belovved magic looking glass gets burried in his heart, giving him special powers.

Dame "off her trolley" Polly - Male, Age 25+ *

Dame Polly is Gerda's eccentric but glamourous Grandmother. She owns the Town's sweet shop.

Mayor Frederick Fauntleroy the Fourth - Male, Age 40+

Mayor Frederick is the Town's Mayor and a bumbling fool. He is also the Grandfather of Kai and has a crush on Dame Polly

Jack Frost - Male, Age 25+ *

Jack is the shows secondary baddie and henchman to the Snow Queen. He carries out the dastardly deeds under the intruction of the queen.

Kragen the Crow - Male or Female, Age 16+

Kragen points the gang in the right direction along their journey and warns them of the dangers along the way.

King (or) Queen Bogey of the Trolls - Male or Female, Age 18+

Bogey and his tribe of Trolls live in the wicked wood and capture and rob Gerda and her friends as they pass through on their journey to the ice palace.

Beatrice the Troll Princess - Famale, Age 16 - 20

The daughter of King (or) Queen Bogey. She takes Sympathy on Gerda and her friends and sets them free.

Bae the Raindeer- Female, Age 16+

Gerda rescues Bae from the Trolls and rides home with Kai on her back

The Enchanted Flowers: Rose, Pansy, Daffy and Sunny - Male or Female, Age 16+

Each flower has their own distinct character a little like the seven dwarves in Snow White.